Wide Variety of Columns Available for Pickup or Delivery to Metro Atlanta

cedar columns on a beautiful home

Cedar columns are the perfect touch for any home exterior.  Columns create a sense of strength, stability and reliability, as well as the fact that they offer additional support to the overall structure of the home.  Cedar columns give homes an elegant look.  At Southern Supply House you will find the best selection of columns for your building project. Contractors and homeowners in Georgia know they can count on us to deliver quality products.  We offer:

  • cedar columns and posts
  • wood columns
  • pvc columns
  • 4x4 posts
  • 6x6 posts

We sell the columns in 10 foot lengths and they can easily be cut down. Additionally, we carry anchoring systems for the columns.  Southern Supply House will deliver your columns in and around the metro Atlanta area. If you need a specialty quote, give us a call today at 770-775-9374 or request a free quote.