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There are two types of roofing systems: low slope and steep slope.  A low slope is generally used on commercial roofing projects and has three main components.  The weather proofing component is the most important because it protects the roof assembly from water.  A second component is reinforcement which adds strength and stability.  The last component of a low slope roof is surfacing which protects the weatherproofing and reinforcement from the weather.  There are different types of surfacing. Some are able increase solar reflectivity, while others are fire resistant.

Another type of roofing systems is the steep slope. At Southern Supply House, we provide asphalt roof shingles and metal roof systems.  Steep slope roofs are usually composed of individual pieces installed as shingles.  With a steep slope roof system there are three primary parts which include the roof deck, underlayment and roof covering.  The roof deck is a wood based material. The underlayment provides a temporary protection until the roof covering is installed.  Additionally, the underlayment is a weatherproofing barrier.

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